Town crew members come to elderly man’s rescue

Town crew members come to elderly man’s rescue
By Tammy Keele
Mike Dellos and Mark Christopherson weren’t expecting to become heroes when they started their shifts at the Town of Basin on a Tuesday morning a few weeks ago, but that is exactly what happened.
An elderly North Basin resident had been digging a trench on his property to repair a water leak.  The resident dug the trench by hand to a depth of approximately 5 ½ feet when he found himself stuck upside down and unable to get out of the hole.  Luckily for the gentleman, Christopherson and Dellos, who had shut off water to the residence per the homeowners’ request the week before, came along to check the progress of the trench and repair.  They found the homeowner in trouble.
Surprised to find the resident stuck headfirst in the trench and calling out for help, Christopherson stated “I kind of panicked at first.” Unsure of the man’s condition or how long he had been trapped in the hole, Christopherson called for Dellos to assist.  The duo worked together, pulling the senior out by his legs until he was freed.     
“I probably wouldn’t be standing here if it weren’t for them,” said the 89-year-old Basin resident who declined medical treatment after his rescue.  
Dellos, the public works foreman, said it is fortunate he and Christopherson were able to assist the resident but also recognized the dangers of taking on these types of projects.  He recommends utilizing a professional whenever possible, but if a homeowner decides to do the work, they should make sure to let someone know when they are doing it and have a person check on them.