Burlington Middle School Huskies post undefeated season in six-man play

Stephanie Tolman

It was another successful year for the Burlington Middle School football team which wrapped up its season a couple weeks ago. They ended with a 9-0 record in all their six-man competitions. Their only loss came in a challenge match against Rocky Mountain, in which they played up in a nine-man contest and were still able to be competitive in a hard fought game. This is the second year in a row that the middle school hasn’t lost a six-man game.
“It has been nice to have some athletic kids and kids with speed. If you have kids like that in the six-man game, you’re going to be successful,” said Coach Lanning May. “I am also lucky to have had such great assistant coaches as well. Tim Allen, Jesse Dewey and Nate Kreider from last year, really have helped me coach these kids up. And I want to say it again, when you have athletic kids you’re going to be successful.”
The Huskies had 21 athletes out this season. Coach May praised his eighth-grade leaders. “I had strong athletes in the eighth grade: Mason Jones-Richardson, Trigdon Aagard, Bitner Philpott, Carsten Schlenker, Brad Davidson, James McNiven and Rulon Andrew. They led their team each and every week to victory. I will miss them but I feel that they are ready for high school football.”
Despite only five seventh-grade players, May is looking forward to the future. “I’m excited to have some talent for next year as well. Chase Bassett, Asher Loveland, Michael Broederlow, Kyson Bullinger and Carlos Padilla will have to step up and fill the roles of those eighth graders who are leaving. I feel that they will as they played pretty darn good this year too. We also have a good bunch of sixth graders coming up. It’s been a lot of fun this year and I really look forward to next season as well,” ended May.