Burlington trap team retains fourth in conference

Stephanie Tolman

Burlington had another strong week in the 2nd week of competition shooting, despite the gusty spring winds. “Everyone shot well,” said Coach Nate Kreider. “Scores were not as high as last week for some, but they were all solid scores. Weather always plays a part in how well things go. There is always something new for the athletes to adjust to and overcome.
“Kole (Walker) had a good week, leading the team scores and Chute (Cauffman) found his stride this week and rounded out our top five.”
The individual top five was: 1, Kole Walker 42/50; 2, Hunter Aagard, 40/50; 3, Wyatt Kasprowics, 37/50; 4, Brikton Wardell, 36/50 and 5, Chute Cauffman, 31/50.
The Huskies remain fourth in their conference. Aagard is ranked at No. 13, Walker No. 19, Kasprowicz No. 22 and Wardell No. 24. On the female side, Ava Wennburg is No. 13.