Food Bank of Wyoming showcases significant 2023 statewide impact

Food Bank of Wyoming is finding new ways to meet the rising food needs of our neighbors across the state. Despite dealing with inflation, supply chain issues, and increased costs, Food Bank of Wyoming was still able to rise to the challenge and provide nourishing meals across the state as demonstrated in their 2023 Impact Report.
As inflation rates hit a 40-year high in 2023 and created unprecedented challenges, Food Bank of Wyoming experienced anything but a “normal” year. Additionally, in fiscal year 2023, the organization faced a difficult winter that challenged their critical distribution operations and food sourcing capability amidst soaring food prices (remember when egg prices spiked over $7 per dozen?).
Despite these challenges, Food Bank of Wyoming hit several milestones while continuing to innovate processes and foster connections with communities across Wyoming. In fiscal year 2023, Food Bank of Wyoming was proud to serve 44,459 clients, feeding nearly 8% of Wyoming’s total population. They hired their first food-sourcing manager to increase local protein and produce sourcing and strengthened Food Bank of Wyoming’s relationship with Wind River Indian Reservation communities, with the goal of establishing brick-and-mortar food pantries.
Food Bank of Wyoming’s fleet of drivers travel throughout the state to distribute and provide access to fresh, nutritious food for neighbors facing food insecurity. In fiscal year 2023, their team drove over 5,000 miles to visit all 23 counties and more than 90 of their 150+ Hunger Relief Partners as part of an initiative to learn more about the challenges each community is facing and collaborate on ways that Food Bank of Wyoming can support them.
Through the power of community, Food Bank of Wyoming was able to make an incredible impact this past year. Thanks to the generosity of their supporters, Food Bank of Wyoming was able to achieve the following:
· 44,459 clients served (22% were children).
· 9.8 million pounds of food distributed, equating to over 7.9 million meals provided.
· 32% of distributed food was fresh produce.
· 21,843 average meals served per day over all 23 counties in Wyoming
· 11,819 volunteer hours logged.
This data illustrates a sustained high need for innovative food support throughout Wyoming. Food Bank of Wyoming is fueled through the generosity of supporters and couldn’t make statewide impacts such as these without the donations, volunteer hours, and continued support of people across the state.