The gift of giving

Tammy Keele

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday still fresh on our minds and the appearance of Christmas lights around town there is no denying Christmas is just around the corner. 

For some, Christmas will be filled with anticipation, family, food, and friends. For others it will be a time of stress, depression, loneliness and perhaps going without. 

Christmas seems like the time of year people tend to donate to food banks or select toys for a child in need, both of which are great things to do. Sometimes, however, one can get so caught up in the idea of giving, they may not see the opportunities to connect and give to those in need around them. Let’s face it, other times it may just be easier to donate to a stranger than reach out to an acquaintance or someone we know. 

For a person under stress, battling depression, or going without, a dinner invite may be just the welcome distraction they need. Giving the gift of friendship by inviting a neighbor, you don’t know well to your annual cookie exchange or offering to help a widow/widower put up their Christmas lights are other ways to “give” to those around you. A short visit to the nursing home will likely result in a resident appreciating your “gift” of time. A plate of cookies or a pair of warm slipper socks are likely to brighten someone’s day.

There are so many opportunities to give to others during the holiday season and beyond. As Christmas draws near, perhaps you will embrace the opportunity to give to someone in your community. Whether your gift is monetary, a gift of time or a kind gesture, you may find that the gift of giving is the best gift of all.