Lady Huskies honored in post-season

Stephanie Tolman

The Lady Huskies have completed their 2023-24 season and Jessie Michaels, Selena Call, Breanne Walker, Dalley Bassett and Naomi McNiven received Class 1A Northwest all-conference honors. They joined Kenzy Day and Arianna Foster from Dubois, Kezia Washakie from Ft. Washakie, Kayla Horsen from Meeteetse and Johnna Clifford, Brooklyn Paxton and Vinaya VanderPloeg from Riverside.
This is the fourth year that Michaels has received all-conference. She also received player of the year for the Northwest Conference and was chosen for the all-state team. Michaels led in scoring for the Lady Huskies and ended the season with 473 points. She also led in rebounds with 171 and steals with 108. She averaged 15.8 points per game and led with most points per game with 30 in an early game against Hanna Elk Mountain. “Jessie has obviously been our scoring leader throughout the season,” said Coach Cheryl Haslam. “On top of this, she is a great leader on and off the court. Many of the girls look up to her and come to her for help and suggestions. She really stepped up at state and scored in moments when we needed her to.”
Walker was also chosen for the all-state team. She led the team in assists with 43 on the season. She also had 214 points and made nine free throws in a game against Worland. She tied for most assists in a game with five and had 10 steals in a game against Meeteetse. “Breanne is another scorer for us. She really helped take care of the ball on offense. She also is a strong defender and really pressures the ball on the other end. It was really unfortunate to have her end her season with an injury, but she did some amazing things for us before that. She will really be one that leads us next year in her senior year.”
Call was second in most offensive rebounds in a game with seven against Greybull and she finished the season with 101 rebounds. She also tied for most assists in a game with five. “Selena is a defensive beast. She was always all over the court and loves playing defense. She wasn’t quite as confident on offense, but she did great things for us on defense. She was always pretty level headed and pushed through, even when things were a little bit crazy for the others on the court.”
Bassett led the team in defensive rebounds with 91 on the season and third in rebounds overall with 165. She tied for the most rebounds in a game with 13 against Saratoga. “Dalley improved so much this season. She became a big force on the inside. She is another defensive beast for us. Many times, we would rotate her, Selena and Naomi on the opponent’s best players. They did a great job of shutting them down. Dalley also was great at encouraging her teammates on and off the court. She always has a positive attitude and helps keep it positive on the court.”
McNiven was second on the team in scoring, finishing the season with 230 points. She also tied for the most assists per game with 5 and was third on the team in rebounds with 145. “Naomi is our other defensive beast.  She would take it to girls whenever we needed her to.  Many times, she would fluster them so much that they would shut down on offense.  She was also good at taking the ball to the basket when we needed her to on offense.”
“I really look forward to this young group and what they will do for the next few years for us,” ended Haslam.