Letter to the Editor: The less we depend on federal government, the better off we will be

Dear Editor:
My Democrat and Republican friends, I hope you all remember that we are not a democracy. We are a constitutional republic. Our two parties have very little in common. I am Republican.
I have no desire to control women. I do support life. God gave us man and woman. They each have rights. When they create a baby, that baby has the same rights as the parents. Now you have three sovereign citizens. Who has the right to destroy any of these lives?
I suggest everyone do your own research on what is happening at the border. I fact checked the “cut 2,000 border patrol jobs.” Misguided at best. We are under an invasion at our southern border, in my opinion. I am for shutting it down completely. We have no control. I am not for funding any of it just to get more help down there to process a few million more people. No vetting is going on down there.
My goodness people, our great grandchildren will be footing this deficit. I am not for the USA funding both sides of these wars either. The Ukraine war (which has no accountability of where that money went). The war in the Middle East (where we are giving money to Hamas and yes any money we are giving the Palestinian people is going to Hamas). The release of the Iranian money and the cease of those sanctions. Do a little research. It is not that hard to find when you don’t just believe the mainstream media.
Wyoming does not need the summer EBT money. The less we depend on the federal government, the better off we are. First off, if you know a hungry child, you best get up and feed them. Parents need to get out of bed and feed their kids breakfast. This is not the job of the government. It is called personal responsibility. Second if you know of people not feeding their children, you need to report that to someone. That is called community responsibility. I am listing a few resources below for anyone needing food. We have plenty of it here in Wyoming.
1) wyomingfoodbank.org/find-food/
2) dfs.wyo.gov/assistance-programs has 3 programs
3) wyoextension.org/bighorncounty has a wealth of information on food preservation, gardening, cooking, etc. They also have a program where you can get free seeds for planting to donate the produce to the community.
4) bhcwylibrarysystem.org/greybull-library has a seed exchange.
Phyllis Clark