Letter to the Editor: Ohio voters send a message, but are Republicans listening?

Dear Editor:
Democracies matter. It doesn’t matter theoretically or in an abstract thought from our founding fathers. Last week Tuesday showed us it matters.
Today you can vote against abortion. You can say in any state like Ohio, we are not going to punish women, as the former guy said. We are not going to punish doctors, nurses or medical staff. The people of Ohio along with six other states said, “No, we want to keep access to abortion legal and we don’t like what you are doing.”
That is the power of democracy and the people’s voices.
I hope Mr. Winter and his Freedom take-away party along with Mr. Tuberville are watching to see how out of step they are. In state after state, when voters are given the choice unlike Wyoming, they vote to keep abortion legal.
Women don’t want the government in their bedrooms.  Republicans don’t get it. This is about freedom — freedom to make life choices, freedom to control your own body. Freedom of choice is powerful and the Republican party wants to take away the freedom of choice and insert control.
I had to laugh last summer as one Ohio lawmaker was on the floor to advance the ban and I paraphrase, “Women, if you don’t want to get pregnant close your legs.” I wonder how many women across the nation and in Ohio were insulted by these antiquated ideas that they think they can force down women’s throats. You know, men have nothing to do with procreation, it’s all the women’s fault. Maybe he should have also said, “Men, keep your zippers zipped and stop blaming women.” I wonder what he thought after his party crossed lines to say no, we don’t like what you are selling and it’s wrong to deny women healthcare. With a 14-point defeat, their AG won’t be able to go into medical records in state or out anymore, no gotcha moments for women.
One last laugh, evidently our governor said some naughty words, climate change and carbon neutral. The Wyoming GOP had a vote of no confidence. Gosh I guess on Earth 2 evidently there is no problem. Unfortunately on Earth 1 reality, we had the hottest summer, the Atlantic Ocean was 100 degrees and isn’t some of the power rate increase due to climate change? Scientific fact I guess does not matter.
Lynn Meier