Mechanical bull in the fair’s future

Barbara Anne Greene

Big Horn County Fair manager Cash Duncan discussed the possibility of the county purchasing a mechanical bull during the commissioners’ Nov. 7 meeting.
The idea had been discussed at previous fair board meetings. The board approved it contingent on cost of insurance, enough money left in budget and commissioner’s approval.
Duncan said insurance is available but there is no money in this year’s budget to purchase it. The cost of the bull is $12,500, which includes the cost of a trailer.
Commissioner Dave Neves asked if there is another mechanical bull in the area. Duncan said yes, during the summer at the rodeo in Cody.
Commissioner Deb Craft asked if the bulls were similar. Duncan said the one in Cody is hydraulic. This one is electric, which would be safer and not as fast. The insurance is lower on an electric bull, but a hydraulic bull is more realistic.
The insurance would allow for the fair to take it anywhere in the state of Wyoming, including other fairs. It takes about 30 minutes to set up.
Commission Chair Bruce Jolley asked if the fair was looking to use the bull as a money maker. Duncan believes it would be. The sellers used it for fundraisers for their daughter’s FFA chapter. He expounded that it could be used at any event at the fairgrounds. He believes events at other fairgrounds could be a possibility.
There was some concern about making sure the person running the bull would be diligent about who could and couldn’t ride it based on age, weight/height and sobriety.
The commission approved the purchase of the bull and the insurance.
Duncan is hoping to do a winter festival Jan. 20 in the indoor arena. It would run
from 4 to 8 p.m. He is seeking
involvement from all the FFA and 4-H clubs. Some businesses may be involved as well.
He is also hoping to bring a roping event to the indoor arenas in the spring.  He is working with a potential sponsor. If the weather is nice, the sponsor could do the event in the outdoor arena.
Another upcoming project is an entrance archway. When he discussed this with the fair board, they were interested and gave positive feedback. Duncan has some idea what it would look like. He will work with WYDOT. He said the materials would be donated by a company in Powell. Some welding costs would be expected.
In other business
Duncan found some donor plaques that had never been displayed. Some were in rough condition. Paintrock FFA is working on some while others will require replacement. Once completed, they will hang in the kitchen area of the multipurpose building.
There is a possibility that Big Horn Co-op will sponsor a project. Possibilities include revamping the goat barn with new pens, new tables/chairs and an auctioneer booth.
So far, the fair has received 23 entries for the new logo contest.
The old show area grandstands have been torn down.