Pages of the Past

100 years ago
December 6, 1923

Mr. C.F. Johnson, manager of the Lovell refinery of the Great Western Sugar Company, and Mr. H.S. Looper, agriculturist, were visitors in Basin on Tuesday, here for the purpose of making the last checking up on the beets of this section. These gentlemen were delighted with the record made this year.
Mr. Roy Rooth and Miss Bessie Morrison and Mr. William Banta and Miss Edith Rule, all of Basin, were married at the Methodist parsonage in Worland on thanksgiving evening. This was not a double wedding, but each couple acted as witnesses for the other.
75 years ago
December 1, 1948

A total of 232 1949 automobile license plates have been issued by Big Horn county treasurer’s office to car owners who reserved the license numbers.
At the boy Scout Round-Up last week Scoutmaster John McIntosh held a court of honor and conferred tenderfoot badges on Kent McIntosh, Bobby Aagard, Thelbert Johnson and James Briggs. Allen Neves and Lloyd Hibbert merited Star badges and Mads Cottrell received a Life badge.
The Trapper Creek Country club held its annual Thanksgiving dinner and dance at its quarters near Shell Saturday evening. Among Basin residents who attended the function were Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Breining, Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Bratton and daughter Carolyn, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene S. McClain, Mr. and Mrs. L.G. Merriott and daughter Jean Marie, Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Michaelisand son Jom and Dr. and Mrs. Claude Raffl.
Aviation Chief Radioman Ned F. Kost, Jr., stationed on Saipan in the Mariana islands, has been joined by his wife and sons, Jimmy and Richard, according to word received by his parents.
50 years ago
December 5, 1973

Charles L. Vonburg, Jr., has been named as the new ranch manager at the Wyoming Industrial Institute at Worland, it was revealed this week. He will formally assume his new duties January 1.
The Manderson-Hyattville high school annual fall concert will be held Tuesday December 11. Those participating are chorus members Cindy Cullison, Vicki Thompkins, Ken Hamilton, Tim Patrick, Deb Northness, Marie Hares, Debbie Rannells, Kay Rubis, Jeff Tharp, Debbie Vigil, Ross Diercks, Roalene Redland, Kristine Rubis, Kathie Ilg, Sheila Godfrey and Lynn Kraft. Band members include Ken Hamilton, Roalene Redland, Jeff Tharp, Debbie Rannells, Deb Northness, Kristine Rubis, Vicki Tompkins, Ross Diercks, Sheila Godfrey and Lynn Kraft.
25 years ago
December 1, 1998

Louis has arrived in Big Horn County to take a “bite out of crime” Louis is the newest member of the Big Horn County Sheriff’s Dept. He is a 1½-year-old registered German shepherd that is part of the K-9 unit. Louis’s handler is Deputy Darrin Cregger.
Jonathan Davis of Emblem remembers the war years-and the POWs who were held in the CCC camp. “We made arrangements to get some of the Germans to work in the beet fields. Everyday, I would drive to Basin to haul the prisoners back and forth. We hauled a truckload of them and they were accompanied by an armed guard.