Rebel Yell Podcast: Unveiling the spirit of BGH4 School District


Are you ready to dive into the vibrant world of Big Horn #4 School District in Basin, Wyoming? Look no further than the electrifying Rebel Yell Podcast! Bursting with enthusiasm and loaded with valuable insights, this podcast is your gateway to the heart and soul of LIE, Riverside Middle School and High School.
With 14 exhilarating episodes and counting, our team is on a mission to keep you in the loop with all the incredible opportunities our schools offer. Led by the dynamic trio of Jory Thompson, Matt Jensen, and Katie Seeley, our podcast is a celebration of the exceptional individuals, programs, and stories that make our district shine.
From showcasing the trailblazing teachers who shape young minds to highlighting the awe-inspiring achievements of our students, each episode is a testament to the spirit of our community. We even pay homage to the legacy of past and retired BGH4 educators, ensuring that their impact continues to echo through our halls.
Since our debut on November 29th, the Rebel Yell Podcast has garnered an impressive 725 plays and amassed a dedicated following of 55 subscribers. The response has been nothing short of phenomenal, with standout episodes like the Introduction, Boys Basketball, and Wrestling Podcast captivating over 100 listeners each. But it’s not just about the numbers—our interactive polls add an extra layer of fun, allowing our audience to engage with topics ranging from favorite dog breeds to Super Bowl predictions.
Beyond the statistics, our podcast is a window into the personalities that shape our educational landscape. In our latest episode, we uncovered the fascinating journey of Kaitlyn Miller, our resident “punk rocker” English teacher, Drama coach, and Speech and Debate Coach, who once reigned as a Rodeo Queen and earned a college scholarship for her rodeo prowess. These captivating revelations bring us closer together as a community, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the incredible individuals who make BGH4 so special.
For those eager to tune in, accessing the podcast is a breeze. Simply head to Spotify via your computer or phone, search for BGH4, and immerse yourself in the enriching conversations and stories that await. Don’t forget to hit the follow button to stay updated on all our latest episodes and announcements.
So, whether you’re a proud parent, a curious community member, or simply someone with a passion for education, the Rebel Yell Podcast is your ticket to a world of inspiration, entertainment, and boundless school spirit. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we continue to shine a spotlight on the remarkable tapestry of BGH4 School District. Let’s amplify the Rebel Yell together! 
In order to find and listen to the podcast on your computer:
 You can go to spotify at or just google spotify.
Once on the spotify page click on the search icon and enter BGH4.
Click on see all episodes button and press the play button for anyone you want to listen to.
I would suggest you push the follow button to follow the podcast.
You can also download the Spotify app on your phone and enjoy the podcast that way.