Riverside puts two on all-state, six on all-conference

Olivia Strohschein

The Riverside Rebels finished the year with a 5-2 conference record. As a team they were ranked third in rushing yards with 2,102 yards for the season. They were fifth for team offense with 6.4 yards per attempt. 

All six players who earned 1A West all-conference honors — Hayden Paxton, Ty Strohschein, Josh Wildman, Avery Clifford, Curtis Strohschein and Reece Whisenant — were important pieces to the team’s success. 

Ty Strohschein and Curtis Strohschein also earned all-state honors.

Ty Strohschein also named West Conference offensive player of the year. Ty had the second most rushing yards in a game with 285 against Southeast. He was the number one rusher, gaining 8.3 yards per attempt and 1,575 for the year. Ty also ranked third in all-purpose yards (9.2 yards per attempt, 1,873 total) and fourth in scoring (11.6 points per game, 104 total).

Hayden Paxton let the team with receiving with 22 catches and 35.8 yards per game. Hayden scored 26 points this season. Hayden was able to make some impossible catches in heavy coverage that kept the team going in close games. 

Senior Josh Wildman stepped into the quarterback position for the first time this year. He ended the season with 55.9% accuracy, passing for 534 yards. Josh was third on the team in rushing yards with 25.7 yards per game, for a season total of 231 yards, and he scored 46 points.

Avery Clifford was utilized in multiple positions this year and demonstrated what a talented athlete he is. As quarterback he generated 27.2 yards per game with a season total of 245 yards. 

Reece Whisenant was second in rushing yards on the team with 27 yards per game and a season total of 245 yards. Reece had 130 yards receiving yards for the season. Reece also had 78 kick return yards. Reece was third in the team in all-purpose yards with 382 yards this season. Reece scored 26 points this year. 

Lineman Curtis Strohschein had 79 defensive points, 54 total tackles (38 assisted and 16 solo) and six tackles for a loss. 

The following Riverside athletes were among the top 50 defensive players in the 1A nine-man classification: Ty Strohschein (seventh), Hayden Paxton (32nd), Reece Whisenant (33rd), Loomis Alexander (36th), Wyatt Daly-Patterson (39th) and Ryder Kozisek(43rd).