Riverside trap team bumps up to fifth

Stephanie Tolman

Week 4 of competition has finished and the Riverside trap team saw a big jump in its overall team scores that bumped them up to fifth place behind Goshen County, Wright, Wheatland and Burlington.
Ridge Lewis is tied in 21st place in individual conference team standings and Mason Rosencranse is tied for 25th place. On the female side, McKenzie Potter is tied in 11th place.
The top five scorers of the week were: 1, Lewis, 43/50; 2, Rosencranse, 41/50; 3, Eli Jensen, 39/50; 4, Hayden Paxton, 38/50; 5, Avery Clifford and Cal Reuter 36/50.
Top five season average per round: 1, Lewis, 18.63. 2, Rosencranse, 18; 3, Clifford, 17.25; 4, Reuter, 17.25, and 5, Jensen, 14.38.