Senator Cooper addresses calls for a special session

Barbara Anne Greene

Sen. Ed Cooper (R) Ten Sleep said there has been a movement by some legislators to hold a special session to address some of the bills that were vetoed by Gov. Mark Gordon.
Cooper expressed his concern over the money and time that would be spent on the session. But at the same time, he understands concerns over the veto of SF 54.
This bill would exempt 25% of the fair market value of a single-family residential structure. The legislators did pass four other tax exception bills to help Wyoming taxpayers.
The morning of March 26, an op-ed was sent out to by President Driskell and Speaker Sommers. It read in part “The Legislature cannot simply meet for one day in a special session to vote to override vetoes.
“With the majority floor leaders in both chambers motioning to adjourn “sine die” and gaining approval from the members present, all bills and actions of the 2024 budget session by the Legislature are finished. We do not recall the legislators who are now clamoring for a special session formally asking us or the chambers to utilize our three extra days.
“The very legislators who are asking for a special session created delay after delay during the budget session by asking for roll call votes, trying to resurrect zombie bills, bringing procedural motions, and filibustering debate.”