In sickness and in health

We all have that “crazy” friend that does things on the spur of the moment. To them what may seem like a good idea today could turn into a disaster tomorrow.
Let me tell you about this friend of mine. We will call her Diane (not her real name). Diane had just experienced a devastating heartbreak when her two year relationship to her high school sweetheart ended.
Diane figured the best way to get over the break up would be to get back in the saddle of dating again. About a week after exiting the relationship she was visiting a local waterpark and met a man named David (we won’t use his real name either).  
David was a military guy who seemed kind and funny. Diane needing a few laughs thought a kind, funny guy could be just the ticket. The two started a whirlwind courtship and within a week of meeting were pleased to announce their engagement.
As I mentioned before Diane wasn’t the slow and steady type, but more of a charge forward kind of gal. With that said I was still surprised when they invited me to their wedding to be held in Vegas the following week. Failing to heed my friendly advice that perhaps they would want to extend their engagement the two eloped as planned. They became husband and wife, committing themselves to each other for eternity in front of an Elvis look alike officiant. David  wore his uniform and Diane donned a white dress for the occasion.
Fast forward about a month and Diane had expressed a hint of dissatisfaction when referencing David’s IQ. According to Diane, he was kind and funny but probably not the brightest bulb in the box. Still the two were getting to know each other as they settled into married life in their new apartment. David had even purchased a brand new flashy red motorcycle as a joint wedding gift so they could go on adventures together.
One day while Diane was at work, David brought the new motorcycle to pick her up for a lunch date. At the entrance to her place of employment was a brick structure with the business sign and logo attached. David, inexperienced at driving their motorcycle, took the corner way too fast laying the bike on its side as it crashed into the brick wall.
Aside from a damaged ego David ended up with several scrapes and bruises along with a severely broken ankle. The ankle required surgery leaving David temporarily confined to a wheelchair. Diane was now tasked with transporting her new spouse to and from appointments and taking care of all the household chores.
As it turns out David “forgot” to insure their new wedding gift and the couple would have to pay for the totaled bike. On top of that his injury made him medically unable to serve and he was discharged from the military.
I could see when I visited Diane, she no longer had “that loving feeling” for David. His medical issues were just too much for the young bride to handle. Therefore, it was not a surprise  when three months after the marriage started the two were separated and within six months their union had been annulled.
The vow to  stick with someone in sickness and in health can be daunting. My husband and I have each taken turns being a caregiver during our marriage and sometimes it isn’t a lot of fun. If you truly love someone you will be there no matter what and those difficult times can even strengthen your bond.  
Both David and Diane went on with their lives and eventually found their forever partners. I bet when it came time for them to say I do, they carefully considered their answer, just like we all should.