Timmy Paul Kennedy

Timmy Paul Kennedy 

July 18, 1970 - Nov. 20, 2023. 

My name is Timmy Kennedy and I died. July 18, 1970, I was born to Clyde “Paul” and Glenna “Tinker” Kennedy. I joined sisters Patricia and Polly. Upon coming home, Polly told Mom I smelled funny and suggested she take me back to the hospital. Growing up in the ‘70s and ‘80s in Cody was the best a kid could ask for. My mother’s faith led me to attend Grace Baptist Church and School, but I graduated from Cody High School in 1988. 

In 1990, I married Tiffany and we had three children: Jared, Rebecca and Khloe. In 2003, I married Pamela, and we had Maggie and Kayti. 

 I worked many jobs, but none more rewarding than as an EMT. I worked for local restaurants during the summers, Cody Lumber and, for a short time, at KODI. There, I received the greatest advice from Roger Sedam: “Only repeat what you know. Don’t include opinion when broadcasting the news.” I took that advice to heart and followed it through life. 

 In 2014, I returned to the vocation I loved - EMS. I worked for Mr. Del Atwood at his funeral home and ambulance service. This experience continued my dream of obtaining my paramedic certification. That dream never came to be. Life turns in ways we never see coming. 

My Dad, Paul Kennedy, and my daughter, Maggie Kennedy, precede me in death. 

I leave behind my mother, Glenna; sisters, Trish and Polly; kids, Jared, Becky, Khloe, and Kayti; four nieces; a nephew; and women who chose me as a father figure, Nikki and Hailey. 

“I’m never more serious than when joking.” - Robert Frost 

There is no service, but talk about me often with laughter and no tears. In lieu of flowers, please enjoy an ice cold Pepsi or go to a demolition derby.