Voters will decide if lawmakers aren’t serving them well

Dear Editor:
I too was fearful back in 2015 when I entered the world of politics. I have been called many names, my life and the lives of my family have been threatened. I have lost friends and had arguments with family members. There has been censorship, banning and canceling by those who disagree with me.  I agree with your column that the mainstream media lies. This includes newspapers, magazines and other print media. I also agree that political activists, outside money, social media and their influencers, rumors, gossip and omissions of truth have all contributed to the divisions in our state and country.
I do not discount your fear. I would like to understand it. You use the word attack in your column. Are you in physical danger? Have you filed a police report? You say there are legislators who “need to be taken to task for things they said and did during session.” These are the legislators that “we the people” have elected. I do not believe you can possibly know what all the constituents in Wyoming want. I am sure the independent thinkers all over this state have differing opinions on many topics. You can rest assured these legislators will not be re-elected if they are not serving the constituents they represent.
Do I think your column was dramatic? Yes. Fear mongering will not win the debate. You give zero examples of words or actions these legislators have done to make us afraid. You give zero examples of topics that the legislature were in session for. You apparently feel frightened because you are disagreeing with someone in the legislature. My question to you is why should the rest of the people be frightened? I do not fear our elected representatives in Cheyenne.
I welcome you to my world Barbara Anne Greene. I say go for it. Stand your ground and defend your beliefs. Make rational points backed up by facts. Listen to the other side and do not misrepresent what they are saying. Identify shared ground when you can. Agree to disagree when you can’t. Good luck to you in your quest to change minds and opinions.
Phyllis Clark