WYO GivesAnnual fundraiser brings help to local nonprofits

Grainger Russell

WYO Gives is aiming to help non-profits statewide by making donating easier than ever. The organization’s annual online donation day will be held July 10, 2024. By visiting its website, donations can be made to any non-profit found in the Big Horn Basin or elsewhere in Wyoming. WYO Gives has provided financial support to non-profits in need since its founding in 2019.  

WYO Gives is an online donation platform that allows people from around the state to donate to local non-profit organizations. Lacking significant capital, most non-profits receive the vast majority of their funding from community donations and state grants. According to the Internal Revenue Service, to be classed as a small non-profit, the organization must produce revenue of less than $50,000 annually.

Last year, two local non-profits received donations. Wyoming LifeLine and WYO C.A.R.E.S Inc. both obtained funds through WYO Gives that enabled the continuation of their respective missions. 

Responding to the alarmingly high suicide rate in Wyoming, Wyoming LifeLine partnered with organizations around the country to provide a free mental health and suicide crisis line to the public. 

“While we are receiving some state funding, as well as funding from federal grants, it is not sufficient to cover expenses such as education [for both staff and local Wyoming communities] and outreach activities. Funds we raise will help us increase our presence at community events around the state and meet with our community partners statewide,” Executive Director Ralph Nieder-Westermann explained.

WYO C.A.R.E.S Inc.’s mission is to eliminate domestic abuse by providing not only counseling, but also financial support to victims. In addition, it provides law-enforcement accompaniment in any situation in which a victim feels unsafe.

“This year, we’ve made QR codes for coffee cups to advertise, the coffee shops have helped us promote our services. We’re hoping to raise $4,000-5,000. That may seem like a lot, but we burn through our emergency fund without fail every year,” said Director Lisa Gennings.

“If someone needs assistance, we help in any way possible, but that costs money. The donations we receive from WYO Gives [are] one of the reasons we are able to help as many people as we do.”

WYO Gives annual donation day will be held July 10 on its website. All donations will go toward keeping non-profits running across the state. Donors will have the chance to win prizes. To learn more and/or make a contribution, visit wyogives.org.